Thursday, January 13, 2011

My thoughts on Tom Cruise and the upcoming Jack Reacher movie

Tom freaking Cruise?! Really?! If I made master list of all the Hollywood types, I am pretty sure he would be the last name on the list to play this role. Do you remember the good ole days where Mr Cruise played tough guys in movies like Far and Away? Me neither, these days he is something more skin to Jerry maguire. Not only does his acting chops not line up with Jack Reacher's, but the physical resemblance is too far off. I know the movie gurus work around this alot nowadays, but come on! Reacher is six foot four, two hundred fifty pounds and BLONDE! I just can't see how the producers can work with this without major changes to the story arc. And to learn that our beloved creator of said Reacher-- Lee Child--approves of the boggles the mind. I think I am going to get on the ole inet and see how other fans feel. I personally think this blows.

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