Wednesday, August 29, 2012

from one extreme to the next

I am sitting here in my office staring at my computer screen. It is 6:10 am on Wednesday morning, and guess what. It's raining ... again. This is the eight day in a row it has rained here on my little piece of the map. Things are getting a bit soggy. The grass, which I had to figh tooth and nail to keep alive back during the dog days, now seems to grow uncontrollably. I can't keep the stuff down. I dropped the deck on the Dixie Chopper, last time I mowed it, to 2 inches and gave it a proper buzz, thinking that it would take a little longer for the unmentionable bahaia to rise again. But that was before the monsoons. Now I can barely find the mailbox in all that jungle. I can't cut it because the lawnmower--while hydraulic z turn-- isn't equipped with trolling motor and pontoons. And while it is tough to get out the driveway every morning, fishing off of the front porch is looking promising. I guess there is a silver lining to every grey cloud, as they say.
Point is, the drought is over, hurricane season is upon us. Lord help us all.

Friday, August 24, 2012

book review: Illusion by Frank Peretti" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px">Illusion
" />Illusion">Illusion> by Frank">">Frank Peretti

My rating: 3">">3 of 5 stars

I always do this. I do. I can't help it. I always get all jazzed up for a new Frank Peretti book only to end up with mixed emotions in the end.
Outside of his two DARKNESS books--which were both classics in their own right--every Peretti book I have read has had one thing in common. As bad as I hate to say it, its bad endings. Every one of his books seems to have some flaw or letdown at the end which leaves me disappointed in some way. I guess it is my own fault for getting up my hopes.
Illusion is no different. It has a solid, hollywood worthy, plot--however--there are some holes in the story which in my mind lead to an unbelievable, not in the good way, hard to follow ending. I don't want to do a spoiler review, so I will not give away any details, but the problem is that the reader is never sure exactly how the main plot element which makes everything happen in the book--actually works and why or what is the point. It also led me to wonder what made Mandy so special to the point of being able to do things with said plot point in which others, who were exposed to the same plot point, could not accomplish.
I just kinda went with it throughout the book, but looking back at it as a whole, I find the whole thing just a bit...much. The ending seemed to wrap up way to neatly. I didn't like that at all. To me it was one of the most abrupt and unsatisfying endings I can remember reading in a long time.
Overall, while I was reading it at least, I did sorta enjoy it. But looking back--ehh.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

book review: The Detachment by Barry Eisler

My rating:">4 of 5 stars

This was Eisler's best work of the last few books he has produced. It was good to see him get back to his roots with the inclusion of Rain and Dox. However, as with his last few attempts, there are several spots in the story where he goes way overboard with his leftist agenda trying to force feed his opinions to the reader. Two, out of the blue, references to George Bush are just an example. As far as characters go, I love the way he rounded out Larison as well as the usually antics of Dox--who really made the entire story go. Trevin was not so fortunate. He was painted as a sneak and, other than at the gym, seemed in over his head the whole time. Rain also was way too passive in this book. He was almost like a different completely character than his previous appearances. Overall this was a nice read, reminiscent of his earlier books. If Eisler would just tone down some of his cooky left-wing ridiculousness, it might have been a five star effort.">View all my reviews