Sunday, October 31, 2010

movie video review: Dear John

The movie Dear John is loosely based off of the best selling book written by Nichloaus Sparks.  It stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.  The story is basically this:  a local guy named John Tyree meets a girl on spring break named Savannah Curtis and they fall inlove.  He is in the Army and has to go back, she also returns to school, but they stay in touch with a series of letters.  The last letter, of course, tells John that not only is she breaking up with him, but also is marrying someone else.  As with most of Spark's movies there are other circumstances and a reunion is in the works.
In all, the movie is bad.  It does have some very emotional scenes that surley will have the ladies breaking out the hankies.  The problem lies in the cast.  Amanda Seyfried, although, beautiful, just doesn't stand out in this role.  Her character comes off as almost to good to be true.  That is until the end where the viewer really would feel for the character of John, if he was not played by the stone faced Tatum.  Channing Tatum surely got this role on his physical appearance, he looks like what the part of John should.  But lets face it, the kid can't act at all.  He played the lug head in Step Up pretty well, but this is the second role in a row that he has just butchered (Duke in Gijoe was the other).  He was just awful in this movie.  There is one scene in which he is supposed to cry and it just comes off as comical.
I just can not get past his performance in this movie.  The delivery of his lines sound more like he is getting ready to rap battle in Eight Mile rather than win a southern belle's heart.  There is nothing good I can say about the video because his wooden performance ruins it for me.

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