Monday, October 18, 2010

book review: Obedience by Will Lavender

"A devilishly inventive debut that reads like a house of mirrors." 

"A taut, clever puzzle, so artfully crafted and tightly wound that it springs open it trap door when you least expect it."

"Taut, twisty, and highly original: the pages turned themselves."

These are three of the the reviews printed on the book jacket of Will Lavender's debut novel.  I have to tell you...I was completely blown away by this book.  These three reviews are dead on.  This book leaves you guessing right up until the very end.

I just happened across this older novel the other day.  It perked my interest as I read the cover and so I took it home with me.  I sure am glad I did.  This is one of the very best surprises I have come across in a while.  Words really can't do this book justice.  Have you ever read a novel and just knew that it should be made into a movie?  This is one of those.

The whole idea behind the plot is just so original, nothing else has come close to giving me that, "wholly crap" feeling at the end of a book in a long time.  My hats off to the author.   I just hope Lavender's next offering will be able to live up to this original work.

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